SQL Training

SQL Server Training Path

SQL Server Training Path

This is the training path that you should take if you want to become an expert in SQL Server.

  • Getting Started in SQL Server

You should learn the basics of SQL Server and how to download and install SQL Server. This is important because it will give you a basic understanding of how SQL Server works and how you can interact with it. We have a course on what you need to learn and you can join this FREE course by clicking on this link: Getting Started In SQL Server

  • TSQL

Once you have mastered how to download and install SQL Server, you can progress on to fully understanding TSQL (Transact SQL) which is a method of interacting with SQL Server. In every aspect of SQL Server, having knowledge of TSQL is very important and the better you are at writing code, the easier it will be to use SQL Server. If you want to learn how to write TSQL, then join this course: The Complete Microsoft SQL Bootcamp: Learn sql for beginners

  • SQL Server DBA / SQL Server Developer / SQL Server Cloud

Once you have a good understanding of TSQL, you can learn become a SQL Server Database Administrator, SQL Server Developer or using SQL Server in a cloud environment.

    • SQL Server DBA - This is how you administrate and secure a database. If you want to become a DBA, then you will need to learn subjects regarding security and backup/restore databases.
    • SQL Server Developer - Learning to use Power BI and SSIS are great skills to have if you want to become a proficient SQL Server Developer. You would most likely use these skills using the desktop versions of SQL Server but they are both capable of using Cloud technology.
    • SQL Server Cloud: If you are interested of learning SQL Server within a cloud environment, then using Azure (By Microsoft) or AWS (Amazon Web Services) would be the most likely situation that you would do this. There are some minor differences in using SQL Server in the cloud and it all depends on how much responsibility you would look after.

So the best methods of learning new skills are reading books, or watching online courses.

If you are interested in online training, then these courses would be ideal for you to watch.

If you want to do an online course that covers the above subjects with extra information on other subjects, then join the following course: SQL Server Bootcamp Course

If you are after more information on SQL Server, then are many SQL Server pages you can join on Facebook. They are



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