Install SQL Server Developer Edition

Install SQL Server 2017:Installation

SQL Server 2017 Installation Guide

If you have downloaded SQL Server 2017 and you want to install it but you are not too sure how to? Well, this is a guide will help you through the steps needed to install SQL Server 2017.
I will presume you have already downloaded SQL Server 2017 so the first thing to do after you have download SQL Server 2017 is to run the setup file.

Install SQL Server Developer Edition
Install SQL Server Developer Edition

You should see a screen like the above.
After the splash screen has finished loading, you will see several options that you can pick.

Install SQL Server Developer Edition
Install SQL Server Developer Edition

I will show you how to do a custom install of SQL Server so you can see the options that are available to you. Press the ‘Custom’ button then on the next screen press ‘Install.’

You should see a screen like this if anything needed downloading.

Install SQL Server Developer Edition
Install SQL Server Developer Edition

Once this is complete, it is now time to install SQL Server 2017.
If you click on ‘Planning’ option, you can navigate through all the options to see if your PC/laptop has the correct specifications to run SQL Server 2017. After you are satisfied that your PC/laptop will be able to run SQL Server 2017, click the Installation tab and Click “New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation.”

On the Product Key screen press Next (Developer should be highlighted)
On the Licence Screen press Next, after you have read the terms and conditions (I bet you will not read the terms and conditions)
Check the box if you want the Microsoft Updates, it is a good idea to accept them.
Click next until you come to Install Rules and if you cannot click Next on this screen, fix any errors that it shows you.
On the feature selection screen, you have many options that you can select for features you want to install within SQL Server. The only one that you need to install is the database engine so select ‘Database Engine Services’ and press next.


Install SQL Server Developer Edition
Install SQL Server Developer Edition


On the Instance Configuration screen, you have two choices; you can pick Default Instance or Named Instance.
An Instance is the name of your SQL Server.
You will use Default Instance if this is going to be the first installation of a SQL Server.
You would use Named Instances if you wanted to install multiple SQL Servers on to the same PC/Laptop
InstanceID is usually the name of your PC/Laptop if you have selected the Default Instance. If you choose Named Instance, then you can give the new installation a name. So if your PC is called ‘SELECTSQLSERVER’ and you wanted your SQL Server to have a special name like ‘STOCK’ then you would type in STOCK in the InstanceID.
I will show in a later blog on how you would connect to a named server and default server.
Click Next on the Instance Configuration.
Server Configuration – Click Next
Database Engine Configuration– Click Add Current User. You have two ways to connect to SQL Server. Windows Authentication or Mixed Mode. You will use Mixed Mode if you want to access SQL Server without a Windows Account. Click Next
On the Ready To Install screen, click install.
That is is, let me know in the comments below if you have trouble installing SQL Server 2017.