SQL Server 2019 Developer Edition is FREE


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SQL Server 2019 Developer Edition is free!
Yes that is right, you can download SQL Server 2019 for free.

You can download SQL Server 2019 from here :- Download SQL Server 2019

The Developer Edition is the same as the Enterprise Edition, but the only difference is that you can’t use the Developer Edition in a production environment.

Downloading SQL Server 2019 Developer Edition is still great if you want to learn about all the new features that are now in SQL Server 2019.

If you don’t know what SQL Server is, well SQL Server from Microsoft it is a software solution to store and analysis data using a variety of tools.
You will mainly use
SQL Server Engine
SQL Server Integration Services
SQL Server Analysis Services

SQL Server Engine

This is where raw data is stored as information, and you can do a variety of tasks on this data to suit your needs.

SQL Server Integration Services

This tool is used to extract, transform and load information in a database or other storage locations

SQL Server Analysis Services

This is used for analysis information to try and find out patterns or summary information.

If you have never used SQL Server before, just download it and install it and try it out.