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The SQL Server DBA Bootcamp: Beginner To Expert (Part 1)

Become an expert in SQL Server - Taught By Gary Cowan (MCDBA,MCITP,MCP,MCTS)

This step by step approach will be as follows

  • Learn all the concepts of installing and configuring SQL Server
  • Gain knowledge on how to secure a SQL Server and Database
  • Learn how to backup and restore a database
  • Learn T-SQL skills to be an amazing DBA


The SQL Server DBA Bootcamp: Beginner To Expert (Part 2)

Become an SQL Server DBA within Azure and AWS - Taught By Gary Cowan (MCDBA,MCITP,MCP,MCTS)

You will learn

  • How to create and delete Azure SQL Database instances
  • How to administrate an Azure SQL Database instance
  • How to restore an Azure SQL Database
  • How to use SQL Server with a Virtual Machine environment
  • How to create and delete SQL Server RDS instances
  • How to create a SQL Server RDS instance from your computers operating system
  • How to administrate an SQL Server RDS instance
  • How to backup and restore a SQL Server RDS instance to S3
  • Best practices when using Amazon RDS

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